Hilda and Richie A Messy and Funny Fox Book! by Max West is live on Kickstarter!

Hilda And Richie: A Messy and Funny Fox Book! by Mark Wiesner — Kickstarter

Hilda & Richie is the debut picture book of comic creator Max West! In this colorful story, we meet Hilda, a wealthy red fox and a proper lady residing in a mansion…who loves blowing bubble gum.  Her adorable young ward, Richie, joins in on the bubble blowing fun.  Hilarity follows as does a colossal mess.  How can this intrepid vixen and that cute fox pup get themselves out of this sticky situation?

Max West, the creative force behind Sunnyville Stories is back with a new endeavor, a children’s book. Let’s bring fun and humor back to children’s literature. Check out his latest project and join in the fun, it’s a sticky situation.